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Further Checklists

Tax tables, forms & checklists - Taxpayers Australia

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Tax tables, forms & checklists

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Forms, checklists, tables
Consumer Price Index
Miscellaneous blank forms the Tax Office has provided

The following is available to members only (log-in at top right), and includes:

Tax rates: Individuals

Levy & surcharge

Tax rebates & offsets
(Includes Low Income Tax Offset, Senior Australians Tax Offset, Pensioner Tax Offset, Mature Age Worker Tax Offset, Medical Expenses Offset, Dependant Tax Offsets)

Tax rates: Business

Fringe benefits tax
FBT rates & thresholds
(Includes Living Away from Home Allowance, FBT for motor vehicle other than a car, non-remote area housing, small business record keeping exemption, benchmark interest rates, car parking threshold)

Rates & thresholds

Motor vehicles
Fuel tax credits
Luxury cars
Cents per kilometre

Student loan repayments
HELP rates & thresholds
SFSS rates & thresholds

PAYG withholding tables
Tax withheld calculator (for employers and other withholding payers)
PAYG withholding tax tables

Other tax tables
Tax table for actors, variety artists and other entertainers
Tax table for back payments
Tax table for bonuses and similar payments
Tax table for commission payments
Tax table for employment termination payments
Tax table for payments made under voluntary agreements
Tax table for return to work payments
Tax table for unused leave payments on termination of employment
Special tax table for individuals employed in the horticultural industry
Special tax table for individuals employed in the shearing industry

Forms, tables, calculators
Average foreign exchange rates
CGT 'events'
CGT exemptions
Depreciating assets guidelines
Electronic commerce interface
FBT car calculator
FBT exempt work-related items
Food that is liable to GST
Gross up rates for FBT
GST calculation worksheet for BAS
Personal services online checklist
Rental property guide

Reviewed July 11, 2011
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